How to Smoked whole fish to dried?

i never smoke any things before usually sun dried.I sun dried salted whole fishes 12" -15" about 3 day till they dried.Those sun dried fishes can keep for long time.Wondering can i smoke those fishes instead by using gas smoker.

What is the process for peppering smoked fish?

I am successfully hot smoking trout fillet and would like to produce them with peppercorns added. Are they simply sprinkled on before smoking or are the peppercorns softened and added after smoking. If the latter, what is the process?

Have you ever smoked fresh fish after soaking it in a brine solution?

I am interested in smoking fresh catfish or whiteperch as a method of food preservation. The small book I have suggests you soak the fish in a briney solution then smoke the fish in hardwood smoke anywhere from four hours to four days depending on the size of the fish fillet. Have you ever done this? Any pointers?

What suggestions for snacks and appetizers for my fish BBQ should I serve on a hot Labor Day?

It starts around noon. I don’t want anything heavy because I don’t want people and kids to fill up before the main course, which is fresh caught BBQ’d albacore. The sides dishes being served with the fish are white fish (not shrimp) ceviche, Sweet & Sour Zuchini dish, & Asian Cucumber Salad.
No drinks or desserts, just LIGHT stuff for people to snack on while waiting for the main course,